Let's create something memorable together! 
You are:

A Fellow Business Owner i.e. An Artisanal Bakery, Winery, Cycling Club (or Other) interested in offering "La French Musette" to your own customers, visitors, members. Oui it is THAT versatile :) 

 We want to collaborate with you!  

As Designers & Illustrators:

We create special custom designs for our clients

 Our goal is to capture who you are and best showcase what you have to offer. Given the very nature of our concept, our product is a great fit for businesses with passion, a sense of community and who are looking to find new ways to share their products and engage with their customers in a fun and unique way – the same way we are.

 Think special bundles of goodies uniquely wrapped in "La French Musette" for small and big celebratory moments to come, unique and creative "Merch." to complement your existing line to name a few possible uses. The sky is the limit!

 You are

A Corporation, Institution, Association looking to treat your Team(s), Client(s), Member(s) with a one-of-a kind gift to show gratitude and appreciation, the French way.

 We want to be a part of it!

 You are:

Your great self, curious to explore what's possible with us.

Don't be shy, we are right here and open to your ideas! 

Contact us to partner up!