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Let's Take A Culinary Trip.

Explore France with our signature musette curated with beautiful French delicacies! Open: this modern canvas bag, with its very own baguette pocket, turns into a stylish “table” to eat on. Closed: carry it anywhere with you and use it as your new all-around commuter bag!

Choose your adventure, one musette at a time! 

Life is not short of new and exciting experiences! In the mood for a picnic, an apéro (French Aperitivo), a romantic date, a special celebration, a unique gift or simply delicious French bites, take your pick!


Perfect for two, our "Local Musettes" carry fresh products and are available Toronto-wide. All in one, they have everything you need for a unique French culinary experience!


Ideal for sharing with friends and family, our "Messenger Musettes" showcase the diversity of French Gastronomy. The perfect convivial moment, available Canada-wide.

Looking for our musette without the goodies?

You've come to the right place! We have created it for you and are handmaking it locally with robust canvas. It even has a secret pocket. Curious? Check it out to know more!

C'est nous!

We’ve started this adventure, from our home in Toronto and are reaching out to you from there. If you’d like to have more information, share feedback or join our team, we welcome you to our circle! We can be reached via email at:


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