LE 5 À 7

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Done with work and ready to unwind or simply prepping before an evening outing? Take a break with “LE 5 À 7”, our very own French version of Happy hour! Travel to the South East and South West of France all at once, one delicious bite at a time.

What you'll get in your musette:

  • Your Own Personalized Menu: It will guide you through your experience.
  • Baguette: A baguette is a baguette. Nope! We’ve tried many to pick the best one for you. Bite into its delicate crust and enjoy our favorite sourdough baguette!
  • “Le Pocket” Knife: Grab this unique French folding knife before it's gone! A true staple to any authentic French experience. 
  • Saucisson & Reblochon: Take a piece (or more!) of this irresistible dry sausage with with a melting cheese heart from the French Alps.
  • Tomato Antipasti: Looking for your new “go to” for your 5 à 7? This is the one!
  • Duck Terrine & Olives: Celebrate this unique olives’ twist on this Southern terrine recipe.
  • Fig Chutney: Explore the softness of the fig and its aromatics. A perfect hint of sweetness!
  • Messenger Musette: Modern and versatile with its flap design, it reveals a secret baguette pocket when open and becomes a stylish "table" to eat on. Make it your new all-around commuter bag and use it any way you want!