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Adventurous & Ready to climb a mountain? “LA RANDO” is right for you!

Many festive energy packed stops on the way! Tune up your taste buds for melting delicacies from the North of France and the French Alps to refined cured meats and sun-filled vegetable spreads from Southern France. 

What you'll get in your musette:

  • Your Very Own Messenger Musette: Modern and versatile with its flap design, it reveals a secret baguette pocket when open and becomes a stylish "table" to eat on. Make it your new all-around commuter bag and use it any way you want!
  • Personalized Menu: It will guide you through your experience.
  • “Le Pocket” Knife: Grab this unique French folding knife before it's gone! A true staple to any authentic French adventure. 
  • La Fresh Baguette: A baguette is a baguette. Nope! We've tried many to pick the best one for you. Bite into its delicate crust and enjoy our favorite sourdough baguette! 
  • Saucisson & Reblochon: Take a piece (or more!) of this irresistible dry sausage with with a melting cheese heart from the French Alps. 
  • Sundried Tomatoes & Basil Tapenade: Why are the French so crazy about tapenade? Try it for yourself and you'll see!
  • Duck Terrine & Olives: Celebrate this unique olives’ twist on this Southern terrine recipe.  
  • Tomato Antipasti: Looking for your new “go to” for your 5 à 7? This is the one!
  • Pork Terrine & Périgord Truffles: Succumb to this elegant combination of noble ingredients (Perigord Truffles) and a simple traditional recipe. 
  • Zucchini Spread & Ramson: Play with texture with this crunchy duo of green & yellow zucchinis and its herbaceous touch. 
  • Fig Chutney: Fall in love with the softness of the figs and their aromatics. 
  • Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Truffles: Bite into these melting chocolate pieces of heaven from Northern France!