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ūüé∂ Love is in the air!¬†ūüé∂

 Because our loved one(s) make every day so special, we've created our "Vive l'Amour" Musette in their honour.

This experience comes with our Original "Colourful" Musette. If you'd like to enjoy one of our "Illustrated" ones instead (NEW!!!), please feel free to pick you style! All of our designs are showcased here. There is one for every occasion :) 
What you'll get in your musette:
  • Your Personalized Menu:¬†It will guide you through your experience.
  • RDV Custom Cutlery Case (2 knives): Take it everywhere with you! It will soon become your favorite companion for all your delicious on the go adventures!¬†
  • La Fresh Baguette*:¬†A baguette is a baguette. Nope! We've tried many to pick the best one for you. Bite into its delicate crust and enjoy our favorite¬†sourdough baguette!¬†
  • Duo of Dark Chocolate Spreads: Decadent yet healthy (oui oui!), these Quebec jars of happiness are packed with Roasted¬†Hazelnuts and Hazelnuts & Buckwheat for an extra crunch. Enjoy them any way you want: on our fresh¬†baguette or directly from the jar. Taste the difference!
  • Pink Lemonade:¬†Make your way to Eastern France and pop this delightful¬†bubbly perfectly balanced with blood orange, grapefruit, navel orange and lemon.

* For Canada-wide shipping: our "Fresh Baguette" is replaced with local crunchy "Artisan Crackers" made in Ontario.