Drawn to both local and French savoir-faire and driven by inspiring entrepreneurs, we have handpicked the following artisans to showcase their products in our musettes.

Allo Simonne is a young Montreal-based company whose passion for healthy chocolate and hazelnut spread is unparalleled. Equally as important is their ongoing efforts to support the local economy by building partnerships with artisans, artists, Quebec Designers and now us!

Created by Tania, a passionate and talented French artisan, Candeloon offers biodegradable and eco-friendly soy wax candles and “sent bon”.  All fragrances are high quality, non-toxic and made in France.

Around since 1970, Cheese Boutique is a Toronto institution and has been run by the same family for generations. They import hundreds of international gourmet cheese and house thousands of ingredients. Their store is also a working vault where they age their cheese and cure their meats.

Founded in 1953 in the heart of Gers (Occitanie, France), Ducs de Gascogne is a family-owned business specialized in making foie gras, pies and terrines. Inspired by the traditional recipes of the Southwest, they are known for their ongoing quest for authentic flavors and innovation.


La Bastille Bakery brings the wealth of experience and savoir faire of its Parisian trained baker, Martial, to Toronto (Canada). Today, Martial also enjoys passing on his passion for fine pastries, Viennoise and artisanal breads and skills to students at George Brown Culinary School.

Le Filet Bleu was created in Brittany (West part of France) in 1920. From Breton cottages to Parisian apartments, its Biscuits, Galettes and Petits Beurre (butter biscuits) have been enjoyed for almost a century. 


Le Galibier (Savoy, France) is known for its authentic and traditional charcuterie, mostly from Savoy. The quality and character of their specialties are the result of four generations of know how.

The story of Le Petit Duc begins in Provence (South East of France). Their gourmet confections (from calissons, nougats and biscuits to chocolate bars and candies) are made according to the rules of art by passionate craftsmen.

Les Délices du Lubéron were born in Provence (France), in the kitchen of a busy mother and amazing cook. Starting off as delicious, healthy meals for her family, these flavor-packed Mediterranean home-dishes soon became local and then international favorites.

Maison Delpeyrat has built on its South West roots (Périgord, France) since 1890 and is known for offering high quality, natural and healthy products while always maintaining unique flavors. Today, it is seen as an Ambassador of French gastronomy around the world.

Maison Fayard takes its inspiration from the know-how, passion for good products and love for terroir all around France. They choose the best ingredients wherever they may be to offer the highest quality products from cured meat to spreads and condiments.


From the very first bottle of sparkling limonade, created in Morteau (Bourgogne-Franche Comté, France) in 1921, La Maison Rième has never lost sight of their “raison d’être”: to bring a touch of deliciousness to the lives of their customers through our artisanal sparkling limonades and syrups.

It was in the 19th century that the city of Nogent unseated it rivals of Langres and surrounding areas in eastern France to become the cradle of French cutlery. Created in the early 1920’s, the Nogent*** brand is a guarantee of performance and reliability.

Based in Montélimar (Provence, France), this family-owned business builds on over a century of traditions and has been perfecting their confectionary recipe for over five generations.  Their award-winning nougat is an international reference.

Thank you to our import partners CG Fine Foods International, Acema Inc. and Frenchporium who made it possible for us to bring these delicacies to you.