We are Sabrina & Chris. Nice to meet you! We are a dynamic duo from France & Canada and cycle our way through the world in search of new experiences. Powered by human connections, we’ve created Rendez-Vous to share with you our love for French food, adventure and cultural experiences.


The "picnic seed" has been on our mind for years (yes years!) but there was always something missing for us when going for picnics in the City. Having to book weeks in advance, rent out an overpriced wicker basket (a bit old, no?) for a few hours only and then, having to give it all back at the end felt like a turnoff.

Le French Picnic “Any Time, Any Where, Any Way” is our modern take on picnics, the French way :)

 It’s about enjoying delicious food (no salads, sandwiches, nor take out, sorry!) in all simplicity. All of our products are meant to be shared and many are “Apéro style” i.e. to be eaten with your fingers. No judging (promise) and strongly encouraged!


Good & Sustainable Design, Function & Aesthetics have also been an integral part of the experience we envisioned for you.

This is how our picnic musette was born. We spent months designing it, testing it and learning along the way to make it the perfect bag for you to use as you wish. All in one, it turns easily into a stylish picnic "table". 


But wait…What is a picnic musette exactly?
Glad you’ve asked! This is a small canvas bag with a shoulder’s strap used by travelers back in the day and that became popular in the 50’s in the cyclists’ community. They were traditionally used to carry food and replenishments for riders in the peloton. Not to worry though, you don’t have to race to enjoy ours :)