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ūüé∂ Love is in the air!¬†ūüé∂

 Because our loved one(s) make every day so special, we've created our "Vive l'Amour" Musette in their honour.

What you'll get in your musette:
  • Your Very Own Messenger Musette:¬†Modern and versatile with its flap design, it reveals a secret baguette pocket when open and becomes a stylish "table" to eat on. Make it your new all-around commuter bag and use it any way you want!
  • Personalized Menu:¬†It will guide you through your experience.
  • La Fresh Baguette:¬†A baguette is a baguette. Nope! We've tried many to pick the best one for you. Bite into its delicate crust and enjoy our favorite¬†sourdough baguette!¬†
  • RDV Custom Cutlery Case (2 knives): Take it everywhere with you! It will soon become your favorite companion for all your delicious on the go adventures!¬†
  • Duo of Dark Chocolate Spreads: Decadent yet healthy (oui oui!), these Quebec jars of happiness are packed with Roasted¬†Hazelnuts and Hazelnuts & Buckwheat for an extra crunch. Enjoy them any way you want: on our fresh¬†baguette or directly from the jar. Taste the difference!
  • Pink Lemonade:¬†Make your way to Eastern France and pop this delightful¬†bubbly perfectly balanced with blood orange, grapefruit, navel orange and lemon.